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Scientific papers

As Spimed-AI is based on medical research and development, we publish our studies in specialized scientific journals. 
Jean-François PAUL, founder of Spimed-AI, has over 140 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Our latest papers

March 10th 2024 : Diagnostic performance of deep learning to exclude coronary stenosis on CT angiography in TAVI patients

(B. Mehier, K. MahmoudiA. VeugeoisA. MasriN. AmabileC. Del GiudiceJF. Paul)


February 16th 2024 : Coronary artery disease evaluation during transcatheter aortic valve replacement work-up using photon-counting CT and artificial intelligence

(JM. Brendel, J Walterspiel, F Hagen, J Kübler, JF Paul, K Nikolaou, M Gawaz, S Greulich, P Krumm, M Winkelmann)

September 7th 2023 : Artificial intelligence-based opportunistic detection of coronary artery stenosis on aortic computed tomography angiography in emergency department patients with acute chest pain

(Glessgen CG, Boulougouri M, Vallée JP, Noble S, Platon A, Poletti PA, Paul JF, Deux JF)

June 6th 2022 : Evaluation of a deep learning model on coronary CT angiography for automatic stenosis detection

(Paul JF, Rohnean A, Giroussens H, Pressat-Laffouilhere T, Wong T)


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