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Comprehensive CCTA Analysis

Spimed-AI is developing an artificial intelligence application that automatically detects and classifies coronary lesions on the coronary scanner.
The AI predicts the FFR value associated with the lesion which makes it possible to choose the treatment most suitable for the patient.
Our Story

Dr. Jean-François Paul, radiologist and researcher at the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris (IMM) with more than 20 years of experience and 140 publications, created and is developing the CorEx project to improve the management of coronary diseases at the AI help

Our Vision

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. According to the WHO, they are responsible for 17.7 million deaths worldwide each year.

To deal with this, coronary CT has become the first-line examination in cases of stable chest pain (ESC 2019 and AHA 2021).


The CorEx project began in 2019 with the initial construction of an annotated database of more than 30,000 coronary CT images, enabling automatic anatomical and functional analysis by artificial intelligence.

How it works

Our product

Interface présentant CorEx sur un moniteur.


CorEx automatically classifies lesions (stenoses) according to the international CAD-RADS classification.

The analysis is carried out in less than a minute


An FFR (Fractional Flow Reserve) less than or equal to 0.80 may indicate the need for revascularization by stent or bypass. The measurement of FFR is usually obtained by an invasive examination, requiring the insertion of a probe into the coronary arteries.

A prediction from a scanner coupled with artificial intelligence would make it possible to avoid this invasive gesture.

Cœur 3D avec les pastilles FFR

“Nearly 2/3 coronary angiograms are not followed by therapeutic procedures:
the scanner with a prediction of the FFR will make it possible to reduce this rate of risky examinations for the patient."

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